Round 5: Cover art for Someday My Prince Will Come by punch_kicker15 (Willow, kittens)

Cover art for Someday My Prince Will Come by punch_kicker15, which (hopefully) matches fluffyness of the story.

Warning for kittens, flowers and rainbows. Proceed at your own risk!

Banner for punch_kicker15's "Someday My Prince Will Come"

Beach Background Sun by Magical-Mama
Rainbow n Clouds Background by Magical-Mama
Curious Cat by eirian-stock
Kitten on a string 6 by sinned-angel-stock
Playing kitten stock by scat-cat
Sleeping kitten by Della-Stock
Shatter - Glass brushes by archaii
Dancing in the rain
Photo of Alyson Hannigan (if anyone knows the author of this photoshoot, could you point me to it? All I could find was reposts on bazillion wallpaper sites, but the actual source was never mentioned.)
That is magically colorful and amazing. And wonderful how both pieces are so very different but fit the mood of their respective story just so. I'm so glad you signed up this month!
Thanks, you are making me blush) I'm very glad, too (the only thing that upsets me, is that I don't have time to illustrate ALL stories, because they all deserve it).
Eee! This is brilliant. I love the bright colors, the expression on Willow's face, the kittens, the daisy umbrella, and the way your worked the iPhone into the composition. It's the perfect cover for my wacky little fic.

Like baphrosia, I'm super-impressed with the way you've tailored the style of the banners in this round to match the feel of the fics. Thank you so much for this. It's perfect!
I'm so gladyou like it! And just to be clear - yess, this banner is exactly how your story makes me feel - happy, it's so shamelessly bright piece of cracky fluff =)
Congratulations on your nomination at the Wicked Awards! What an adorable picture, so bright and good-mood making! Well deserved nomination!
Wow, this is great! Happy Willow and her phone, the flying kitties... I Love Everything! Definitely award material.
Thank you) Kittens are always worthy material, even if Willow out-cutes them =)
Love It - love the whimsy quality and bright color and all those cute kitties - congrats and good luck!